Saturday, November 8, 2014

Look Up: Then BARK UP!

I am going to start with what I think is the BIGGEST thing to BARK OUT about.

Have you noticed the weather getting more changeable and dangerous?...
What you may not know is that much of the extreme weather is being created, and not
by the effects of Carbon Dioxide… as our news and weather professionals have told us.

Since the end of the last century governments around the world have covertly been spraying chemicals in the sky and using other technology to create clouds and alter the weather.
This can be called: ChemTrail or ConTrail creation or GeoEngineering.

Here is what another little dog has to say:

“Unregulated GeoEngineering and misuse/abuse of Climate Science is the SINGLE LARGEST ENVIRONMENTAL THREAT the planet faces today BAR NONE.

GeoEngineering's objective is Climate Change and it's side effects include 
extreme weather, ozone depletion, drought, storms, air pollution, water pollution, and the intentional blocking of the sun.” …(

This comment leaves out many likely health effects: asthma, alzheimers, autism... for a start. 

Here is a 30 min video introducing the problem:

That Intro Video offers a phone app. With it you can take pictures of GeoEngineering evidence in your sky and send them to the relevant  U.S. LEGISLATORS.

Here is what one user had to say about it:

“… Whenever I see chemtrails being sprayed over my house or somewhere in my city, I take a photo and send it immediately. The App shows my location, and sends all my elected officials a copy, and asks them what is being sprayed. If we ALL begin to use this App, perhaps our elected representatives will become so stymied with how many of us are watching and taking photos, they will feel obliged to actually DO something, for a change!”
This is not a free app… it costs $2.99… but I think it's  WORTH IT. The organization is a 501C Non-Profit, so presumably the fee is going to the cause.

If you want more information:

Here is a longer info-packed  video:

And here is another site with more ways you can DO something:

It took me a while to FINALLY start learning about this problem.
One of my first thoughts was:
"Well.. this may be a problem in other parts of the country, but I haven’t noticed it over my head."

Then I started to the river for a dog walk and looked up to see:
Right over my head.. on a regular fall day.. the trails beginning to create clouds blocking out the fall sun.

So check out the videos..  then Look up, next time you step our your door. I think you will want to start barking too.

PS, You might get mad as you learn about this. Don't forget that we are ALL in this... and ask your Spiritual Connection for GOOD for ALL... even those you might be mad at. If we keep on being AGAINST each other.. we'll take a l-o-n-g time getting the health and harmony we're all seeking.

For the good of ALL DOGS... no exceptions!


So.. here is something to do... every time you learn something new... particularly if it might be upsetting... and DEFINITELY every time you take an action.

Remember... we are all really just dogs here on this planet (well.. you know what I mean.. squirrels, "two-footeds", cats, fish, rocks... but you can lump us all together cuz we all share the planet.. so... all dogs).

It is very easy to get yourself into a dog fight.. and that won't help any thing.
So... remember... fundamentally... we are all a community of beings and we all are sharing this place.
So use whatever is your spiritual connection... remind yourself you want the well-being of all.. not just the dogs who see everything the way you do... ALL.

Grab your spiritual connection and fling it to who or whatever you are learning light showering the situation... bringing a happy glow to it all.
And ask that spirit (don't worry.. if you don't believe in anything.. it'll still work... make it up).
Ask the spirit to use your awareness to bring about GOOD... for EVERY ONE.

As we go along I will remind you of this.. cuz it is THE most IMPORTANT ACTION to all ways take.

AND.. for more on "know-how" and to "pack-up" with others.. and some of the science that shows how POWERFUL THIS IS:

Check out our Peace Team Page:

pps: can you see those doggies tails wagging?

Here I go!

Hello everyone,

I have been thinking about sharing stuff that can make a difference with the idea that group action can REALLY make a difference.

And I think, almost the only thing that gets in the way for many of us is the idea.. that you ... are just a little dog.. so what can your say really matter in a world that seems to be run by soooo many BIG DOGS... yeh?

But... you know.. (I know you know :-) .. us littles are really sooooo many more than the bigs.
So... all we need to do is pack together and BARK UP... and we really can have what is needed on our little planet.

So I am going to use these pages to share some of what I'm learning about what and who is tinkering with things.. behind the scenes. .. (Who is running OZ, so to speak).

And.. as fast as I find them, I'll tell you about simple things you can do to speak up.. to act.. Because, of course, the only other reason you are not taking more action is that you are so busy.
So let me do the digging... then you grab the bone when I've found it.. and fling it where needed.

You in?  Yeh?  O good, I thought so! Us dogs have so much more fun playing together, don't we!