Saturday, November 8, 2014

For the good of ALL DOGS... no exceptions!


So.. here is something to do... every time you learn something new... particularly if it might be upsetting... and DEFINITELY every time you take an action.

Remember... we are all really just dogs here on this planet (well.. you know what I mean.. squirrels, "two-footeds", cats, fish, rocks... but you can lump us all together cuz we all share the planet.. so... all dogs).

It is very easy to get yourself into a dog fight.. and that won't help any thing.
So... remember... fundamentally... we are all a community of beings and we all are sharing this place.
So use whatever is your spiritual connection... remind yourself you want the well-being of all.. not just the dogs who see everything the way you do... ALL.

Grab your spiritual connection and fling it to who or whatever you are learning light showering the situation... bringing a happy glow to it all.
And ask that spirit (don't worry.. if you don't believe in anything.. it'll still work... make it up).
Ask the spirit to use your awareness to bring about GOOD... for EVERY ONE.

As we go along I will remind you of this.. cuz it is THE most IMPORTANT ACTION to all ways take.

AND.. for more on "know-how" and to "pack-up" with others.. and some of the science that shows how POWERFUL THIS IS:

Check out our Peace Team Page:

pps: can you see those doggies tails wagging?

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