Hello everyone,

I have been thinking about sharing stuff that can make a difference with the idea that group action can REALLY make a BIG difference.

I think, almost the only thing that gets in the way for many of us is the idea.. that you ... are just a little dog.. so what can your say really matter in a world that seems to be run by soooo many BIG DOGS... yeh?

But... you know.. (I know you know :-) .. us littles are really sooooo many more than the bigs.
So... all we need to do is pack together and BARK UP... and we really can have what is needed on our little planet.

So I am going to use these pages to share some of what I'm learning about who is tinkering with things.. behind the scenes. .. (Who is running OZ, so to speak).

And.. as fast as I find them, I'll tell you about simple things you can do to speak up.. to act.. Because, of course, the only other reason you are not taking more action is that you are so busy.
So let me do the digging... then you grab the bone when I've found it.. and fling it where needed.

You in?  Yeh?  O good, I thought so! Us dogs have so much more fun playing together, don't we!

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