Monday, March 25, 2019

Some stuff to Make YOUR.. n Us-All's Tails Wagg!

Hi Pals,

I got this blog started and then got distracted with this.. and that.. and this.. and... (well you know how that is, eh)?

So now I'm back and have a little (well kinda big, actually) pile of things I want to tell you about and how to "bark up" in some way to try and make things better.

I am starting today, however, with more about things I  (you.. we)  can do for ourselves.. that can help us and help the "Big Fix-It Project" as well.  In one of my most precious spiritual "homey-packs" we have a saying:

"Take care of yourself.. SO THAT you can help take care of others."  .... John-Roger, DSS

If you took a look at the Team Up For Peace page listed over there on the right, you would see down at the bottom about the research that found crime in several large cities went down a HUGE amount during the time that folks got together to focus on / meditate on / pray for PEACE for ALL.

So from that.. you can see that what we do with our be-ings.. our attitudes.. our thoughts.. our behaviors.. "packed-up" together .. really can make a difference for others. So, it's not "every dog for herself".. and it's not.. "be a saint of a little dog.. ignore your aching belly and give that kibble to the other pup."  What you do for you.. is the first and foremost "paw-forward" that you do for all.

In that vein.. today.. I have a cupla guidelines and then a sumptuous example.

The Guidelines:

1. BE the citizen of the planet you are longing to share with all dogs.. cats.. rabbits.. bees.. trees.. "2-footeds". That is,

  • Be kind to yourself.. and others.
  • Respect yourself... and others.
  • Tidy-up for yourself.. and others. (litter, recycling.. don't leave the bones lying around, eh?)
  • Go the extra mile for yourself... and others. 
  • Be clear about your limits.. for you and for others. 
  • Listen to yourself.. and others.. particularly the ones your first impulse is to growl at. 
  • Etc.. What things matter most to you?.. I'd be delighted if you told us in the comment section.  thanks.  
2. Make time for the good stuff...
  • Rest.. 
  • Good food.. 
  • Games, 
  • Hugs. 
  • "Romperies" with your pals..  (and alone)
  • Jokes.. giggles.. 
  • "Dreameries.. make-believes.. imageries" of stuff you want or worlds you enjoy. 
If you get stumped on Item 2. go take a walk and watch e v e r y dog you encounter.. we are experts at Item 2

I have found that.. the more I do 1 and 2 the faster come the little (and big) blessings into my life.   And I have been proving this out while not writing more posts here, by the way.  It's like doing these steps creates a conveyor belt.. with this treat.. that bone.. all flowing toward me as easy as that. 

Just yesterday.... came one of these treats.. I think you'll find it as yummy as I did. It's such an example of how the very person one might be supposed to growl at or chase.. just might be the very person to bring the ease and comfort when you need it. 

To me.. it's shows just how things can be becoming as we team up together to "take care of ourselves and each other" and have the world of abundance. and goodies for all that we are longing for.  

See if you find this as belly-soothing as I did:

Have a tail-wagger of a day!

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